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Industry Engagement Instructions

  1. Download and cmplete both NETCOM Industry Request and Foreign Interest. All fields are required. Failure to complete all fields will result in your request being rejected. Once completed, email form along with any slides, brochures and/ or white papers regarding your company’s capabilities/ technologies to the Futures Vendor Selection Board

  2. Once the Industry Request is received it will be uploaded to the NETCOM's SharePoint portal so that everyone in NETCOM can view them.

  3. A No Cost Statement will be generated and sent back to the point of contact identified on the submission for a signature

  4. Email the signed No Cost Statement to the NETCOM Futures Vendor Selection Board

NETCOM Advanced Capability Engineering Directorate (ACED) Industry Engagement Team by phone at (520) 454-1764, by email

Page last updated 17 August 2020