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Guidelines and Expectations for Vendors Seeking to Market to NETCOM

The Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) appreciates and values constructive relationships with our industry partners. Companies are encouraged to use the guidance below to coordinate presentations, product demonstrations and briefings to the command. NETCOM can receive these briefings/presentations/demonstrations via telephone, via video teleconference (VTC), WebEx, or in person. To ensure an efficient interaction and to assist the industry community, NETCOM has developed a set of guidelines to assist you in your interactions with NETCOM.

  1. E-mail a read-ahead to NETCOM Industry Engagements 72 business hours in advance to
  2. Please understand that schedules are subject to change. If an unplanned event occurs affecting the prearranged date/time, this may result in a cancellation and/or a reschedule. Because a cancellation is possible, it is important that your email and phone numbers are updated on the Industry Engagement Request Form.
  3. If you are preempted from a confirmed appointment, attempts will be made to reschedule at the next mutually convenient date
  4. If 10 minutes late for the scheduled appointment, you may not being extended the opportunity to brief that day and will be rescheduled.
  5. Be mindful of your allotted briefing time. Occasionally, a briefing may not start on time, but may need to conclude at the prearranged time. Please be flexible.
  6. If you require audiovisual equipment, please let us know in advance.
  7. If there is a specific audience within NETCOM you wish to be included in the briefing, we will extend an invite to these individuals.
  8. Please remember you have been invited to perform a specific briefing, presentation, or demonstration. You may not use this as an opportunity to make unannounced visits to offices not on your approved agenda.
  9. The process outlined here is the only approved means for an initial dialogue between industry and NETCOM. Any request sent directly to any member of the staff will be returned without action and readdressed to the NETCOM Industry Engagement Team, thereby delaying action on the request.
Page last updated 02 March 2023