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Army NetOps Compliance

Why we exist?

Army Regulation (AR) 25-1 mandates the assessment of NetOps tools against the architecture stated in AR 25-1.

Enclosed are referenced areas within AR 25-1 requiring compliance. Para 2-2 h. – NETCOM “Exercises network operations (NetOps) control over the LandWarNet (LWN) and all Army Theater Signal Forces” . On to Chapter 4 - the Army Enterprise Architecture, in section 4–2 covers “Compliance using the Defense Information Systems Registry (DISR) standards” states that “Army systems are required to comply with the mandated standards contained in the DISR”. This paragraph establishes a single, unifying DoD registry for approved information technology (IT) and national security systems (NSS) standards and standards profiles. And mandates these standards contained in the DISR must be used in future systems development efforts within the DoD. Onto Para 2-26, 27 g directs Program, Project, Product managers and Program Executive officers to ensure I/A certification, and accreditation requirements through NETCOM and its NetOps compliance team.

How to use NetOps Compliance.

NetOps Compliance stands ready to provide assistance and is the beginning of the process for evaluation of Vendors NetOps tools compared to the NetOps compliance checklist and/or existing NetOps tools. NetOps Compliance provides the entry point for vendors seeking to provide Presentations, Demonstrations, or briefings, for marketing to the NETCOM, with their Network Operations (NetOps)* products (software, tools or systems) to the Army. Although this function stands apart from Networthiness, it is the entry point for Networthiness, as Networthiness requires a sponsor before evaluation.

*NetOps software, tools, and systems are those products (COTS/GOTS) which monitor and manage the networked devices within the Army Enterprise Infostructure. These NetOps products securely manage, operate and maintain the network; they are not the network devices or elements themselves.

The initial step for Vendors seeking to provide presentations, demonstrations or briefings, regarding their NetOps products to NETCOM, should ‘Map’ their NetOps software, tool, or system to the appropriate LandWarNet capability identified on the LandWarNet Bin Chart webpage: and complete appropriate Checklists. Completed LandWarNet Compliance Checklist(s) and supporting documentation should be provided to the NETCOM LandWarNet Compliance Team at

What is NetOps Compliance?

The Army LandWarNet architecture is a set of comprehensive NetOps Capabilities that applies to both NIPRNet and SIPRNet as laid out in AR 25-1 and its various references. It describes a standardized set of NetOps Capabilities for the LandWarNet that defines the organizations, roles, activities, and systems necessary to Operate, Manage, and defend the flow of information for the Army’s Networked Enterprise.

As an integrated architecture, the LandWarNet Architecture provides the Army Enterprise Level statement for NetOps requirements using Operational, Systems, and Technical views. These views together depict a holistic and a standardized approach for NETOPS requirements, with functional capabilities created using NetOps software, tools, and systems based upon the evaluation and selection of such.

LandWarNet Architecture Compliance refers to the mapping of the vendor product capabilities to the LandWarNet Architecture Capabilities focusing on meeting the Army LandWarNet Architecture Key Performance Parameters (KPP’s), interoperability requirements, and standards required for those capabilities utilizing the LandWarNet Architecture capability checklist.

What are Checklists?

NETCOM has developed LandWarNet Architecture Compliance Checklists for each of the 58 Capabilities in the Army LandWarNet Architecture 3.0. These Checklists are in two parts. First is the Core requirements assesses the “Core” Capabilities of the NetOps products. The second is the Capability-specific Checklist(s). Depending upon which Capabilities the product maps to, there may be several required Capability-specific Checklists, each having unique KPP elements. Each product submission must include at least a Core Checklist and should contain at least one Capability specific Checklist. Should a product have capabilities for which Checklists are not available, the vendor is only required to submit the Core Checklist. The missing Checklists are greyed out on the Capability Chart.

As mentioned, the LandWarNet Architecture v3.0 has 58 binned Capabilities. In a rare event that a Vendors NetOps product does not meet any of the existing Capabilities then they should submit a ‘Core Functionality Checklist’ reflecting their product and documentation supporting the new capability.

The submitted Checklists and supporting documentation will be utilized by NETCOM and the NetOps Compliance Team, for their assessment of your software, tool, or system.


As described above in AR 25-1, NetOps Compliance is the 1st step of review for vendors seeking presentations, demonstrations, and/or briefings of their products to operate on the Army LandWarNet Architecture.

NETCOM through its NetOps Compliance group has responsibility to ensure all NetOps products meet the LandWarNet Architecture capabilities for the Army’s Enterprise Infostructure (AEI.)

Lastly once the Vendor completes LandWarNet Architecture Compliance Checklists, these checklists are for NETCOM internal use only and any final compliance assessment is NOT distributed or returned.

For any questions contact: Please feel free to contact us at or by phone at: 520-538-2512 / 520-538-8088

Page last updated 20 June 2019